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History of Quinipissa Lodge #479

Quinipissa Lodge #479 was first chartered in December of 1952 with a membership of ten arrowmen.

In 1953, Quinipissa had two Ordeals which added thirty-two brothers to the lodge. These Ordeals were in May and December.  During this time Quinipissa Lodge was a member of Section 5-E.  In March 1955, Quinipissa hosted its first Conference at Camp Istrouma. The lodge's membership had grown to forty-one before that Spring.

By 1958, Quinipissa's membership had grown to seventy-three active members. At the Fall Ordeal an additional ten members were inducted, bringing the total lodge membership up to eighty-seven arrowmen.

In 1960, the lodge membership had grown to one-hundred-forty-five members. Quinipissa Lodge again hosted the Section 5-E Conference, this time at the newly opened Camp Avondale in Clinton, Louisiana. The following year the lodge held three major events, two of which were Ordeals that increased the lodge membership to 173 members.

In 1963, Quinipissa Lodge held its first pow-wow on July 28-31. During this time the lodge continued to grow. The following year, the lodge also had a fellowship in February, a pow-wow in August, and three Ordeals.

1965 signified the year in which Quinipissa joined Section 5-B with all of the other Louisiana lodges and hosted their first Section 5-B Conference on May 1-2. Quinipissa's membership was now a full 200 strong.

Over the next two years the lodge held a total of seven majors events including four more Ordeals. The following year, in 1968, Quinipissa held a record four ordeals, two of them in July alone. The lodge also held a pow-wow at Camp Avondale and an Indian Dance show at L.S.U. in February of that same year.

The year 1969 marked the dedication of the Caddo House on June 24 at Camp Avondale. In 1970, the lodge again held two Ordeals, a pow-wow, and a February Fellowship. Over the next few years only the mark of two Quinipissa hosted Conclaves and three Ordeals in 1979 stand out in the list of Quinipissa's many accomplishments.

In the fall of 1981, Quinipissa was struggling as paid membership was down and most of the records were lost. Charlie Tyson, Gene Uhrbach, and Lloyd Samford were appointed to rebuild the lodge. In 1982 Quinipissa grew by establishing the Chickasaw, Comanche, Houma, and Tunica chapters.

In 1984 Quinipissa held one of the largest Conclaves ever in Louisiana with an attendance of 472 arrowmen from all over the state, including 165 members of Quinipissa Lodge. At this Conclave, Quinipissa reenacted the original Ordeal Ceremony first done on Treasure Island in 1915 by E. Urner Goodman and Carroll A. Edson.

In the Fall of 1984, the 1985 plan book was prepared. This was the first plan book to be prepared by the lodge. The lodge began using personal computers for record keeping and for doing The Drumbeat and Plan Book. Successive years saw great improvements in these publications.

At the 1984 Conclave Council Fire, 'Papa' George Bozeman became the first in Quinipissa to receive the Founder's Award. Gene Uhrbach received this award at the 1985 Annual Banquet. David LaCour and George Lappin received this award at the 1987 Banquet. David, the 1985 and 1986 Lodge Chief and the 1987 Section Chief, was the first youth to receive the award.

Quinipissa added the Chitamacha chapter in 1985, Tchefuncte chapter in 1986, and Mugulasha and Acolapissa chapters in 1987.

In the spring of 1987, the last Nischasch Conclave was held at Camp Attakapas near Monroe. Revisions in Sections resulted in the four Southern Louisiana Lodges being joined with seven in South Texas to form Section SC-1. The three Northern Louisiana Lodges were joined with Lodges from Northern Texas and Arkansas.

Past National Chief Jeff Moser came and gave a great speech for our January banquet. At the 1988 Conclave, 73 members representing 20% of the lodge attended the first Conclave of the new section. Jason Buchtel was elected Section Chief. Twelve members attended NOAC.

Past National Vice Chief Cary Roberts was our special guest speaker at the January banquet. At the 1989 Conclave, 70 members representing 20% of the lodge attended the second Conclave of the new section. Jason Buchtel was elected Section Chief for a second time. Jason and G. J. Charlet, III attended the National Jamboree, the Conclave, and the Philmont Trek, which ran consecutively. The Where to Go Camping Book was done using personal computers to scan images for the first time.

The year 1990 was a very busy year for Quinipissa Lodge as 56 members attended the Conclave, 19 members attended NOAC including three on National Staff (Jason Buchtel, G. J. Charlet, III and Ikie DeLee), and its first Pow-Wow was held in late October with 68 full member attendees and 186 day visitors (including many cub and Boy Scouts who were not members). In 1990 our lodge switched to a new lodge format that includes the lodge chief, only two vice-chiefs, and a combined position of secretary\treasurer.

Past South Central Region Chief Chris Crews spoke at the 1991 Banquet where Founder's Awards were presented to Buddy Marchand and G. J. Charlet, III. Three Founder's Awards recipients died in the spring, Papa George Bozeman, Gene Uhrbach, and Buddy Marchand. Charles Tyson, a fourth Founder's Award recipient, retired from his position as Lodge Staff Adviser position and from Scouting and moved to Alabama. Bill Price and Joe Farlow succeeded Charles Tyson. Charles Tyson and Gene Uhrbach had been the key leaders in rebuilding the lodge in the early 1980's. Quinipissa did the Conclave newsletter for the first time. An On-to-Tribe was started with a goal of 100 to go to the 1992 NOAC. Plans were started for observing our 40th Anniversary.

At the 1993 Lodge Banquet, George Lappin was honored for his many years of dedicated service as Lodge Adviser, Jordan Charlet and Percy Simoneaux received the Founder's Award, and Alden Gautreau and Mark Tillman were honored as Arrowmen of the Year. During the year, Dustin Cornett was elected Section Chief for Section One of the new Southern Region.

In 1994, Brian Beaverstock, the National Chief of the Order of the Arrow, was the keynote speaker at the annual Lodge Banquet. Dustin Cornett and John Lappin received the Founder's Award, while Schuyler Porche and Hugh Hyman were named Arrowmen of the Year. Quinipissa Lodge also sent a contingent to NOAC, where Alden Gautreau received the first place for playing Allowat Sakima and Keith Lovell received first place for playing Meteu in the Pre-Ordeal ceremonies competition.

The following year, former National Chief Scott Beckett spoke at the annual Lodge Banquet, encouraging arrowmen to "live their dreams." Adam Odiorne and Joe Farlow received the Founder's Award and Brett Spearman and Jon Odiorne were named Arrowmen of the Year. Quinipissa Lodge received third place in the "Where To Go Camping Guide" competition at Conclave in Huntsville.

At the 1996 Lodge Banquet, newly elected Southern Region Chief John Berry was the keynote speaker. Schuyler Porche and Matt Givens received the Founder's Award and Chad Heflin and Larry Thomasson were named Arrowmen of the Year. Two new awards, the Most Special Person Award and the Ross Service Award were awarded to Mrs. Pamela Lappin and Jimmy Ross, respectively. Quinipissa Lodge also sent contingents to both the SR-1 Conclave and NOAC. At Conclave, the lodge received Third Place in the Publications competition and was recognized as a National Quality Lodge for 1995. At the National Order of the Arrow Conference, Quinipissa won 1st Place in the Camping Promotion Video competition and competed in the Brotherhood ceremonies competition.

1997 marked the 13th consecutive year that Quinipissa achieved National Quality Lodge status. At the annual Lodge Banquet, Robert Sproat, the 1996-97 SR-1 Section Chief gave the keynote address. In addition, Chad Heflin and Jon Odiorne received the Founder's Award, Jeff Mauldin and Mike Moser were named Arrowmen of the Year, Clay Thomasson received the Ross Service Award, and Teresa Odiorne was awarded the Most Special Person Award. At the 1997 Conclave, Quinipissa Lodge sent a contingent of 37 arrowmen. There the lodge won awards in the dance competition, the lip-sync competition, as well as a 1st Place in the Camping Promotion Competition. In addition, two term Lodge Chief Chad Heflin was elected Section Chief for Section One of the Southern Region.

To start of the 1998 year, Quinipissa invited Representative Ed Pease, Chairman of the National Order of the Arrow Committee, to speak at the annual Lodge Banquet which was catered in his honor.  27 attended the 1998 Conclave, where Matthew Graham was elected Section Vice Chief and the Lodge won First Place in both the Camping Promotions and Tour de Huntsville competitions.  In addition, our Lodge was also recognized for being a National Quality Lodge for 1997 and received the American Indian Achievments Award.  At NOAC, we had 49 members having fun.  As in 1996, we were the National Champions in Camping Promotions.  The ceremonies team earned a meritorious citation, and the swimming team won a 1st and 2nd place.  Service highlights included the 87 Arrowmen who participated 111 times at summer camp Family Night, and the numerous Arrowmen who participated in the Pat's Coats for Kids Campaign.  Induction of 105 members and 43 new Brotherhood members contributed to achieving National Quality Lodge for the 15th consecutive year. 

1998 National Vice Chief Dave Petrush spoke at the 1999 Annual Potluck Banquet where Brian Moser and Utah Cox were presented with the Founder’s Award, Paul Murphy was bestowed with the Jimmy Ross Service Award, Stephen Smith and Sheri Hutto were awarded the Arrowmen of the Year Award, and the Muskhogean Chapter was recognized as the Chapter of the Year..  Seven Arrowmen attended the SR-1 Winter Leadership Encampment at Camp Salmen in Mississippi.  In July, 38 Arrowmen traveled to the SR-1 Conclave held in Nacogdoches, Texas.  Our ceremonies team showed brightly as they beat the competition and came in First Place in the Advanced Pre-Ordeal Ceremony category.  And our Dance Team was not about to out shown as Paul Murphy, Adam Chenevert, and Chris Payne placed in Novice Fancy Dance, Senior Straight Dance, and Senior Fancy, respectively, competition.  Even our Drummers refused to lie quietly in the back as they also placed in their competition.  As if this was not enough, our volleyball team won first place, our very own Drumbeat to second in Publications and Stephen Smith was elected as our new Section Vice Chief.  September saw 83 new ordeal members inducted into the Lodge, 26 Arrowmen confirm their membership with the Lodge to become Brotherhood members, and the seven new Vigil Honor members were honored.  In October, six Arrowmen attended the OA National Leadership Seminar and brought home many new ideas for the Lodge.  And yes, 479 achieved for the 16th time, National Quality Lodge.  An achievement no other lodge has been able to match.

The Year 2000 was welcomed by 479 with the introduction of its “Terminator” patch, half “Terminator”, half Indian.  The first distribution was at the Lodge Annual Banquet held in January.  1998 Southern Region Chief, Mark Angeli, was the guest speaker.  Paul Murphy and Hugh Hyman were presented with the Founder’s Award, Austin Durrett and Bob Beatty were awarded the Arrowmen of the Year, Marcus Achord was presented with the Jimmy Ross Service Award, and the Muskhogean Chapter was again awarded the Chapter of the Year.  A special award, The Most Special Arrowmen, was presented to Sue Charlet.  Seven Arrowmen attended the Winter Leadership Encampment held in Jena, Louisiana.  In May, our Spring Ordeal saw 82 new ordeal members inducted into the Lodge and 13 members confirm their membership to become Brotherhood.  In July, 22 Arrowmen attended the SR-1 Conclave.  Our Dance Team did very well in their competition.  Adam Chenevert, Kyle Morrow, Michael Miller, and out Dance Team all placed in various categories.  In Publications, Quinipissa placed in both the Lodge Plan Book and Lodge Camping Guide.  And let’s not forget the most important team – our volleyball team – who maintained our title and tied for first place with Tonkawa in the volleyball tournament.  The Year 2000 also brought with it the National Order of the Arrow Conference.  Our Lodge had close to 50 Arrowmen attending.  In Camping Promotions, our Lodge won an award in every category, something no other lodge in attendance was able to achieve.  September brought 62 new Ordeal members, 29 members confirming their membership for Brotherhood, and 15 Vigil Members.  The Year 2000 also announced that the Section’s region lines were being redrawn and Quinipissa remains a part of Southern Region Section 1.  With this new section, the Lodge is looking forward to new things in the new year.

Bringing in the true beginning of the millennium, the year 2001, Quinipissa heard from Murphy J. Foster, III, and the next President of the Executive Board for the Istrouma Area Council.  Matthew Graham and Bob Beatty were honored with the Founder’s Award, Matthew Simon and Reid Trekell were decorated as Arrowmen of the Year, Brian Lawson was presented with the Jimmy Ross Service Award, Tchefuncte was awarded with the Chapter of the Year, and our very own Most Special Person was Judy Hyman.  Also, Utah Cox was given Special Recognition for his service to the Lodge.  The Lodge Leadership met at the end of January for the annual Lodge Leadership Development Conference and began planning their goals for the upcoming year.  April saw our first year in the new SR1 as 24 Arrowmen attended Conclave at Camp Hood, Hazlehurst, Mississippi.  Percy Simoneaux enticed may viewers to “power” his music at the Show-N-Do by peddling a bicycle known as a “Cajun Generator” while Delmar and Peggy Craig showed off Mr. Delmar’s extensive patch collection.  Our Show-N-Do promotion placed third.  Our Ceremonies Team earned the Merit Award for their rendition of the Pre-Ordeal ceremony while over at the individual Native American Dance Competition, Kyle Morrow wowed the crowd in Fancy Dance by placing second and Matt Dickinson stunned even the judge blowing away all competition in Traditional Dance and placing first.  The biggest news that hit the scene was the announcement that in 2002, Quinipissa Lodge will be hosting the SR1 Conclave.  April also saw our Spring Ordeal where 92 candidates became Ordeal members, 24 members confirmed their membership by obtaining the Brotherhood honor, and our Ceremonies Team, under its new chairman, Tim Snyder, performed a perfect Pre-Ordeal Ceremony.  With September came the Fall Ordeal.  36 candidates were inducted as Ordeal members and 26 members continued on the trail to Brotherhood.  Two members, B. J. Louis and Brett Shaffer, were honored as they earned their Vigil.  October rolled in with cold weather and Fall Fellowship.  Our theme was the Potlatch.  The Lodge raised three totem poles at the Council Fire Ring and celebrated with a barbeque, the return of chubby bunny, and many other games and eating contests.

2002 is the 50th anniversary of Quinipissa Lodge 479.  To begin our year of celebration, the 2001 National Chief of the Order of the Arrow, Don Cunningham, spoke at the annual banquet and also swore in the Lodge’s 2002 officers.  The Ross Service Award was presented to Jacob Grosskopf, Marcus Plaisance and Carla Morrow were recognized as Arrowmen of the Year, the Founder’s Award was bestowed upon John Spohrer and Davis Robertson, and the Lodge veered from its normal course and awarded the Most Special Person Award to two very special people, Joseph Farlow and Frances Farlow.  The Lodge could not function without the assistance and advise of Joseph Farlow.  Tchefuncte Chapter once again captured the Chapter of the Year for the second year in a row.  In April 61 candidates were inducted as Ordeal members and 24 members continued on the trail to Brotherhood.  Also in April, Quinipissa hosted our Section Conclave.  650+ Arrowmen attended from the 12 lodges in our Section.  Publications won three out of four competitions, Allan Baker placed third in fancy dance competition, and our Drum Team placed third.  The National Order of the Arrow Conference was held at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.  26 Arrowmen attended NOAC.  Chad Heflin was awarded the Distinguished Service Award.  Summer also saw the passing of one of the lodge’s favorite arrowmen, Percy Simoneaux.  His presence and cheery disposition will be truly missed.  In the fall, 59 candidates were inducted as Ordeal members, 9 members continued on the trail to Brotherhood, and 5 members achieved the final honor of Vigil.  October saw Fall Fellowship come in with a Lodge Pow-Wow.  A history through the ages was presented to all Arrowman while the dance team performed dances.  In December, the Lodge held a rededication in which 35 members gave a day of cheerful service to the council while enjoying fellowship and a wonderful rededication ceremony.

To start off the 2003 year, Quinipissa Lodge hosted a Leadership Development Seminar on January 11.  The Lodge invited Riley Berg, 2001 Former National Vice Chief to speak at the annual Lodge Banquet, which was catered in his honor.  Brian Lawson and Linda Chapman were presented with the Founder's Award, Philip Hart and Gary Louis were awarded Arrowmen of the Year Awards, Cade Carter received the Jimmy Ross Service Award, Huey Lawson was awarded Special Person of the Year, and Chapter of the Year was awarded to Oomas Chapter.  40 attended the 2002 Conclave where Brian Lawson was elected Section Vice-Chief, and we won several awards and competitions.  The Quinipissa Lodge website and Camping Promotions Book won first place.  Two teams participated in the Arrowman Challenge.  Kyle Morrow competed in grass dancing and received many honors.  The Spring Ordeal had a record number of 96 candidates attend.  The Lodge inducted 10 Vigil members.  Fall Fellowship brought a new tradition to the Lodge with couchon delet (pig) being roasted at Camp Avondale and Saturday evening activities for all Lodge events.

Quinipissa Lodge welcomed Seth Dearman, Southern Region Chief, as the keynote speaker at the 2004 annual banquet.  All the food was prepared by two of our Lodge Advisers, Mark Ernst, Sr., and Bob Hughes.  Honorees at the banquet included Michael Chapman as Special Person of the Year, Tchefuncte as Chapter of the Year, Jeremiah Mouton and Bob Hughes as Arrowmen of the Year, Robert Hughes received the Jimmy Ross Service Award, and David Chaney and Marcus Plaisance were presented with the Founder’s Award.  Vigil honorees were recognized.  Officers, chapter chiefs and all advisers were inducted. 

In April, a contingent attended the Section Conclave hosted by 61 candidates were inducted as Ordeal members and 24 members continued on the trail to Brotherhood. Also in April, Quinipissa hosted our Section Conclave. 650+ Arrowmen attended from the 12 lodges in our Section. Publications won three out of four competitions. The National Order of the Arrow Conference was held at Iowa State University in Aimes, Iowa. 17 Arrowmen attended NOAC. In the fall, Hurricane Ivan dampened plans for Fall Ordeal and sent Arrowmen from the Tchefuncte chapter northward for evacuation. Fall Ordeal was rescheduled for December. Service opportunities were hosted to allow Arrowmen the opportunity to receive the honor of Brotherhood. Arrowmen gathered at Avondale Scout Reservation to address needs for the summer camp staff area. This area is wheelchair accessible and much needed repairs around the campsite were achieved. The One Day of Service hosted by the Section brought challenges between the Chapter Chiefs to gather the most Arrowmen for one day of service. A Career Fair during Fall Fellowship introduced new Ordeal members to the different committees and events hosted by the Lodge. Quinipissa Lodge attained Quality Lodge!

More than 100 Arrowmen listened while Mayor Harold Rideau of the City of Baker keynoted the 2005 Quinipissa Lodge Banquet. Peyton Hendrix and Joseph Farlow were awarded Arrowmen of the Year awards, Robert Hughes received the Jimmy Ross Services Award for the second year, and Michael Dunne was honored with the Founder's Award. Chapter of the Year was awarded to Tchefuncte Chapter and Katherine Taylor was recognized for her artwork on the 2004 NOAC contingent patch set. Vigil honorees were recognized. And the induction of officers, chapter chiefs and all advisers was done.